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To empower people through knowledge and awareness programme to build understanding about their environment and ecosystem.
To improve the capacity of vulnerable people, particularly of the women from the marginalized community for creating livelihood opportunities, creating awareness about nutritious food intake, balance diet and generating awareness about WASH to lead better and progressive life.
To make people aware and capable for the sustainable development in the context of climate change and environmental challenges in future.
To make people and community capable of disaster Risk Reduction so that they are disaster resilient
To promote private/public healthy life and well being for all through access to health services ,Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy, awareness about nutrition security and other means based on holistic principle of life.
To promote people oriented research from social, economical political and ecological perspective to influence the policies of government on different development issues related to the upliftment of poor people.
Providing scientific, informative and enhancing communication skill to drop out student for making them employable through our teaching centre for drop-out-student.